Rocky Night
Untitled photo

Hi, I'm Eric.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy the images shared here.

I search for the unseen gems, traveling North America (and occasionally beyond) with cameras in hand to document and share captivating images of natural landscapes. After landing supplementary photography jobs as a marketing writer in 2012, I developed a love and passion for the photographic arts. Now I tend to live  a semi-nomadic lifestyle, spending up to 18 months at a time on the road, camping, meeting people from all walks of life and discovering the great abundance of wonder Earth offers.

Now based in Colorado, my focus on all-season mountainous vistas, lakes, altered perspectives and geologic oddities has strengthened, complemented by a  light-touch editing style that presents viewers with true-to-life representations of real places. My hope is to show things that are rarely seen and expand appreciation for the natural world through mesmerizing imagery.

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